LinkedIn Learning:  Negotiate Your Leadership Success.  Get more opportunities, promotions, buy-in, and support.  Using real-life case studies, Deborah and executive leader Elizabeth Robillard offer practical advice and techniques for leaders at all levels. Recognizing that all negotiation takes place within a context, they reveal how we often get in our own way--and show how to position yourself to negotiate, get the other person to the table, and advocate while still working collaboratively.  Preview it here. 

HBR:  2017 could have been an unprecedented situation in global politics: three women leaders in the G7. Angela Merkel of Germany and Theresa May of Great Britain could have been joined by Hillary Clinton as President of the United States. What differences, if any, would we have expected in the style and substance of geopolitical talks if there are three women leaders at the table, or at least setting the agenda and perhaps the tone for their negotiating teams? Deborah answers some of these questions in her Harvard Business Review article here.

HBR:  Deborah's Harvard Business Review article with Debra A. Noumair explains how leaders can get stuck in roles they've played in the past--what Deborah and Debra call 'Velcro'--and how they can use negotiation to break out of these roles. Read it here

Emily Peck of The Huffington Post interviewed Deborah for her fantastic article about gender, negotiation, and the pay gap: "Please Stop Blaming Women for Making Less Money Than Men. No, we're not bad negotiators..."  Read it here.

HBR: Deborah's latest Harvard Business Review article shows how to be your own best advocate at work. Read the article here. 

As part of Harvard Business Review's video series, HBR Editor Alison Beard interviewed Deborah about how to seize everyday negotiation opportunities. View the 8 minute video here

Nanette Fondas draws on insights from Negotiating at Work in her latest piece on How To Negotiate the Problem of Women and Men Negotiating.

Deborah gives strategies for women asked to do "office housework," based on her research for Negotiating at Work: Turn Small Wins into Big GainsRead the article on

TIME named Negotiating at Work: Turn Small Wins into Big Gains as one of the Best Negotiation Books for 2015.

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Deborah joins 33voices to discuss how to get opportunities, promotions, flexibility, buy-in, support, and credit for your work.  Listen here.

Deborah discusses second-generation gender issues on NPR. Listen here to Deborah as she discusses "Women, The Workplace, and Second Generation Gender Bias" in On Point with Tom Ashbrook.

"Women Rising: The Unseen Barriers," in Harvard Business Review, September 2013. Deborah's article with Herminia Ibarra and Robin Ely offers practical advice for leaders interested in addressing the gender gap in their organizations. Read the article here.